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A tense scenario, surrounded by strong elastic ropes, two men banging their
knuckles against their faces and bodies, sizing each other with head and heart,
resulting in broken ribs, swollen eyes, bleeding noses, flying teeth and and
excited screaming crowd that doesn’t care about the integrity of the performers…
sounds epic and primitive right?

It is, and we all love it! Boxing may be one of the mightiest discipline ever created by the human kind, perhaps is just its simplicity what makes it so exciting and understandable for the masses, but reality is that there’s nothing simple about the noble art. A qualified fan will find more than punches happening on the canvas; constantly shift of rhythm by each boxer to establish phase dominance, footwork like salsa dancing, confusing feints, is just a complex battle that takes place every time a match goes on. But where did all this came from? How we did end up having the highest paid professional athletes in the world being pugilists? The answer is just as complex as the sport itself…

The earliest dates of pugilism take us back to Egypt around 3000 BC. The Greeks
introduced it to the ancient Olympic Games in the late 7th century BC, squashy
leather leashes were the only thing between the two contender’s hands and their
faces, and they used forearms protection as well. Later on, the Romans exchanged
the leather thongs for the “cestus”; a glove reinforced with metal. This didn’t last
too long, since the gladiators engaging, usually ended up dead or seriously
damaged. As abruptly as a one punch knockout, the boxing momentum came to an end with the fall of the Roman Empire.

The British natives were the ones that brought back the scrapping to life by the 17th century. The first boxing fights happening in England were usually delimited by the crowd, who formed a circle to watch and cheer the brawl, this circle was called “the ring” so that’s how the term came into scene and stayed for good. As the pugilistic culture matured in Great Britain, they came up with a better stage to showcase their battles, a squared scenario with a certain height was created, making possible a better visual and a bigger audience to assist the clash, basically it was this big “box” with a pair of gentlemen “boxing” for their life.

In 1880 organized amateur boxing began, having an official debut into the Olympics 24 years later in the St. Louis 1904 edition. By the time of the first appearance as an Olympic sport in the modern era, the Americans had already learned a few things about it, establishing themselves as the dominant boxing team for the moment.

Being the prominent pugilism squad of the time didn’t came from nothing, United
States has a deep boxing history by itself, brought from England, somewhere
between 1700 and 1800 unorganized and outlaw brawls were spotted in large
urban areas as New York and Boston. Initially the fights were ruled by mobsters
and kept underground, trying to stay away from the law, in the long run this ended
up and the sport got to reach high standards thanks to the “Muscular Christianity
Movement”, a religious conglomerate which attributed moral and physical character to the pugilists.

Of course it wasn’t an easy journey, a lot of states like Illinois didn’t legalize the sport until early 1900’s, ground breaking initiatives were taking off, The Chicago Golden Gloves Tournament proposal in 1923 pushed forward to legalization in the state, which finally received the green light three years later, becoming one of the most prestigious championships in the country by that time.

The Golden Gloves towed the attention from a lot of enthusiasts in the state, cities like Rockford in Northern Illinois eventually became fabrics of top notch boxers, producing big names in the sport; Sammy Mandel and Kenneth Gould are two good examples of this. Boxing just got massive all around America and that doesn’t seem to stop, even with the appearance and popularization of different combative disciplines, there is something about the noble art that brings the interest from kids to elders.

Nowadays America is the biggest center of boxing worldwide, having Las Vegas as
the proving grounds of the sport in matters of entertainment shows and high
performance training facilities. Nevertheless, not everybody who likes punching
wishes to live the Italian Stallion dream, it’s a brutal discipline with common tragic
incidents, being a professional boxer isn’t for everybody, the progression and
transition was necessary to develop an alternative for the average Joe. Aerobic
and anaerobic output, coordination, strength, balance and speed
are just a few
physical attributes that you can increase by learning how to box, without forgetting the fact that boxing is indeed, a martial art, having intrinsically self defense properties that for sure will empower anybody that feels exposed with the threats of the daily routine, the world has become a complex place where is better  to know how to defend yourself. It may sound peculiar, but surely you can grow self esteem, discipline, focus, determination and memory by scrapping a punching bag a few days per week with the proper guidance, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t wish to rock a six pack like Floyd Mayweather Jr. over the summer vacations?

Most of the boxing training programs will burn from 600 to 700 calories per hour, so it’s a phenomenal approach to get rid of the typical BBQ belly fat.

Definitely boxing is an enriching lifestyle surrounded with inspiring tales and intriguing characters like Muhammad Ali who changed the history for good, motivating us to become a better version of ourselves. It’s a great way of entertainment by sharing with friends watching a fight or taking the human body to a whole new level of health and performance by training on a ring, you’ll just have to give it a try to feel the growth within!


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“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion’.”

– Muhammad Ali

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